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Q: May I study at the Faculty if I'm student from some European country?
A: Yes. You can utilise LLP/Erasmus programme as a program for short-stay students' exchanges. Contact please the Erasmus coordinator at your university and also ours.

Q: What conditions are applied to study at UJEP when I'm coming from non-European country?
A: The same like for students coming from European countries. The difference is they might cover their costs by means of e.g. Erasmus program and you have to pay such costs (for accommodation, boarding, transportation etc.) from your own pocket.

Q: Is the university study in Czech Republic free of charge?
A: Yes, it is. But it stands for the study only. If you come, you have to pay the additional costs for accommodation, boarding, clothing, transportation etc. It could be approximately up to CZK 10.000,-

Q: What to do if I'm interested to be full-time student at FPTM UJEP?
A: At present, our faculty doesn't offer full-time study in English. Therefore if you would like to become a student at FPTM UJEP you have to pass a exam from Czech language in some of the institutes that offer Czech language courses for foreigners.

Q: Where can I study the Czech language?
A: One possibility is Czech language course at UJEP, the second e.g. at the Institute in Podebrady.

Q: What courses can I study in frame of Erasmus stay at UJEP?
A: You can choose from the list of courses.

Q: What study programmes and courses can I study as full-time student at FPTM in Czech?
A: List of study programmes and courses is here.

Q: How to reach Usti nad Labem city?
A: The best is to utilise airplain to Prague and then the train (or bus) to Usti (see the guide). In case of larger groups the university car or bus arrives for the students to Prague airport. It requires to let know time of arrival to the Erasmus coordinator of UJEP in advance.

Q: When and how learning takes place within the framework of the Erasmus programme?
A: Study in frame of Erasmus programme takes place in the winter semester only and it is held in English.

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